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Becoming a Site

Organizations interested in becoming approved SPH internship sites should first read the Field Supervisor's Guide to SPH Field Placement (doc) and have an idea for an internship project or projects in mind before beginning the process of becoming an established internship site.

*See Examples of Internship Projects (doc)

Steps to becoming a site include:

  1. Contact the SPH
    Please contact us at SPHSpecialRegistration@sdsu.edu with your interest in becoming a site. We will then send you an Internal Site Questionnaire. This will give our school an idea of what your site is all about and how our students and your site can work together for a great Field Placement Practice Experience.

  2. Submit an Internship Job Description
    Once approved, sites can send a prepared Internship Description of the internship opportunity to the Field Placement Coordinator. Sites may use the following Internship Description Template (doc) or create their own ensuring to include the information listed in the Field Supervisor's Guide to SPH Field Practice. The description will be sent through the SPH mailing list which goes out to current students, alumni, faculty and staff. site.

    Students contact the organization directly OR organizations can choose to identify the Field Placement Coordinator as the contact person in order to conduct more in-depth screening prior to referral.

  3. Sign a Service Learning Agreement
    Once you have submitted your ISQ, Internal Site Questionnaire, Graduate School of Public Health will review and then email you with a Service Level Agreement to sign. Once returned and executed with our contracts department, this will ensure that responsibility and liability are in place between the site and SPH at SDSU.

For questions or assistance with developing an internship project and/or supervision plan, please contact the Field Practice Coordinator at SPHSpecialRegistration@sdsu.edu or (619) 594-1254.

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