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Preparing for and Finding an Internship
Steps to Approval
Enrollment Application
Online Evaluation Form (Students)
Online Evaluation Form (Field Supervisors)


All students enrolling in PH 650/750/850 are required to submit the Field Placement Planning Form (FPPF). Some students may need to submit additional documentation depending on his/her request. For more information on the requirements, forms and instructions as well as additional guidance, see the FPM - Field Practice Manual (doc).

Prior to beginning internship (at least 2-4 weeks prior):

  1. FPPF - Field Placement Planning Form (doc, revised Nov. 2018)
    Information on the planned internship including contact information, learning objectives and duties/responsibilities of the internship. Can be submitted as early as two months prior but no less than two weeks before the last add/drop day (of the semester of PH 650/750 enrollment) OR two weeks prior to beginning an internship (if starting midway through a semester).

  2. Verification of Professional Liability Insurance Coverage (doc, updated 12/10/15)
    For students 1) covered by the field site; 2) employed by the field site or 3) do not have time to establish an agreement. Must be submitted along with FPPF.

  3. Employer/Preceptor Verification of Field Practice Requirements (doc)
    For students employed for more than six months by his/her site or those continuing an internship at the requested site. Must be submitted along with FPPF.

  4. Research Project Description (not an official form)
    For students planning to work on a SDSU or other university affiliated research project to meet the 3-unit "community-based" field practice requirement. A description of the project demonstrating that it is community-based should be provided on the FPPF

  5. Student Information Form (doc - OPTIONAL)
    For students interested in getting assistance with internship placement.

During school registration period:

  1. Enrollment Application (online)
    Approximately 1-3 weeks prior to the last day of university registration for the semester of enrollment (credit). NOTE: An approved FPPF must be on file before completing this application.

After completion of required hours:

  1. Student Evaluation of Field Placement (online)
    Within 2 weeks of completing practicum hours or one week prior to the beginning of finals, whichever comes first.

  2. Field Placement Supervisor Evaluation of Field Placement (online)
    Within two weeks of completing internship or finals week, whichever comes first.

Additional Guidance:

last updated: 7/20/2015


Contact the Field Placement Advisor at or (619) 594-0766.