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Behzad Samimi Memorial Fund

For those who may not know, our friend and colleague Dr. Behzad S. Samimi passed away Tuesday, May 8, 2007 after a courageous battle with lymphoma. The Samimi family has established a memorial fund in his honor. All contributions will be directed toward Graduate School of Public Health student support, including helping students conduct thesis research on prevention of occupationally-related diseases and injuries---the main focus of Dr. Samimi's professional work throughout his long and illustrious career.

Contributions made payable to the Campanile Foundation, clearly specifying that these be directed to the Behzad Samimi Memorial Fund, may be sent to the address below. Please feel free to continue to express your thoughts on this page. We will share them with his family. We also hope you will join us with a contribution to honor Dr. Samimi and celebrate the numerous professional accomplishments and contributions to public health made by this remarkable teacher, scholar, devoted family man, and beloved colleague.

SDSU Graduate School of Public Health
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-4162

Submitted Letters


Dear Behzad,

I am writing to thank you for all you have done for the GSPH and for all you have given me in the way of education, mentoring and support. You are sorely missed around campus. As your former IH student in 1985, I benefited from your teaching. Coming back to SDSU as your colleague in 1995, I benefited from your warmth, mentoring and support. Thanks so much and warmest wishes for your retirement, and best wishes for your health. Our thoughts are with you.

Jenny Quintana


Dr. Samimi - like many others I enjoy the distinction of having met you when you first came to SDSU and over the years have worked with you and had the opportunity to teach in the program, in part under your guidance- my thanks for your many contributions to the university and school, guidance and the opportunites that you presented me.

As all of your academic friends are, I am sending positive thoughts and wishing you well.

My sincerest regards,

Dan Hopwood


Dr. Samimi,

I reluctantly took the first semester IH class because "it would be good background." But instead of being dull, your class launched what will soon be a 20 year career as a CIH, now doing special projects research under contract to federal OSHA in Washington DC. However, even more impressive than your influence is your memory…although I was in just ONE of your classes, for single semester in 1987, you remembered my name when we met by chance a couple years ago. HOW DID YOU DO IT?

Whitney Fay Long
former student


Dearest Dr. Samimi,

You were a great teacher and your help and encouragement got me started as an industrial hygienist. I could never thank you enough for all you have taught me. I know you are missed terribly at SDSU.

My best wishes to you and your family.

Take care.

Adrienne McCambridge (Trumbo)
former student


Dr. Samimi,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being instrumental in assisting me in the development of my career as an industrial hygienist with CalOSHA. I wish you the best.

Christopher Wing
former student


Dr. Samimi,

Missed you in Chicago this year at AIHCE. Always looked forward to seeing you each year and hearing about the new students.

I still, after 14 years, find myself going back to my class notes from the MSPH program and your classes whenever I get stuck on an IH problem. Thanks for the great information and help in my IH career.

Best of luck to you!

Robyn Steiner
former student


Hi Dr. Samimi,

Thanks for the great experiences with the GSPH and my introduction to the IH field. You will forever be remembered as key to my future career. Warmest holiday wishes to you and your family! I hope to see you up and around again soon.

David Kernazitskas
former student


Dear Dr. Samimi,

Good wishes and my prayers for your future. I wanted to thank you for your part in my career as my teacher and mentor; much of what I am today as an Industrial Hygienist is because of you. You have also contributed much to the Industrial Hygiene community through the San Diego AIHA; those involved in the Chapter appreciate your contributions. I was pleased to meet your daughter a while back at her workplace.

Nicholas Haproff
former student


Thank you for your dedication to the profession! The lessons imparted have assisted my career daily. You built a strong department and prepared very capable professionals. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thanks again!

Vilmarie Rodriguez
former student


Hi Behzad,

It has been a pleasure to know you first as a student and then as a member of the faculty. Remember your vists to Goodrich when we would take the students around to view safety/IH challenges.

You have been a great inspiration to me. My prayers are always with you at this time. I have really valued our relationship.

God Bless you and your family.

Paul Trocha
student & faculty


Dr. Samimi,

Hard to believe that 13 years have passed since I finished up at SDSU. There were days, back then, when I thought we'd never get out of the IH lab. But in the end, we all turned out the better for it.

I'm still with the Navy, but working in Spain and recently married to a lovely Spanish girl in Oct. of '05.

Also missed you in Chicago this year. It was always fun to see you again even if it was for a short time once a year. Hope to see you Philly!

Best wishes!

Kevin Dyrdahl
former student


Dear Dr. Samimi:

As one of you first three students when you came to SDSU (Jenny, Dave Hiipakka and me!), I'm sure you wondered what you had gotten yourself into...

I'm sorry to hear about your illness, but I hope you will be up and around again, real soon.

Thanks for being the voice of IH at SDSU!

Warmest Regards,

Jill (Guidry) Black
former student


Hello Dr. Samimi,

I have to follow up on Jill's remembrance of our core group of 3 students. What a great Professor to student class ratio this was !!

Like others posting, you started me in a career I've stayed with since our 1985 graduation. How many can say that about their daily work ??

Please enjoy retirement and thank god you're there in San Diego where some of the best medicine in the world is practiced.

Vaya con Dios !!!

former student


Dr Samimi,

You'll always be remembered by many as a role model in our field. You taught us much about IH...especially the fundamentals...that most don't seem to get in other programs. The knowledge I gained from the IHMS has lead me to diverse positions and experiences in IH, Safety, HAZMAT, and CBRNE. Without your help and mentorship, I wouldn't have been offered the job at NASSCO that launched my career. You have my sincere thanks and appreciation.

--Best wishes and a speedy recovery--

Anton Shufutinsky
former student


Thank you Dr. Samimi. I didn't realize the value of my graduate studies until I had worked in the field for a couple of years and was able to "compare notes" with IHs from other well respected programs.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the development of the profession.

Bryan Boynton
former student


Dear Dr. Samimi;

Happy New Year! This is Ming. I want to share with you that I have had another daughter. Her name is Melissa. She was born on December 5th, 2006. She weighed 8lbs and was 20inches long.

Best wishes to you and your family

Ming Ji


Dear Behzad,

Sorry you could not be with us, for the faculty/staff send-off for Walter Hayhow and myself on our "retirement journey". I fondly remember our early days together, as we served on the San Diego Lung Association Environmental Committee. We accomplished a lot in those meetings and set the stage for many of the Lung Association,s subsequent efforts.Yours was a voice of reason and authority. It was a pleasure to work with you. Take care and Happy New Year!

Karen Senn


Behzad, thanks for your leadership at the GSPH for so many years. Your committment to students and learning was wonderful. I know that the students you had were all well served by your teaching, mentoring and support. Be well, and know our thoughts are with you and your family.


Doug Scutchfield


Behzad - Your professional contribution to SDSU and to the field of industrial has been huge but your warmth and humanity have been an inspiration to us all. I see many old friends on this page and have heard from many more who care about you. I am proud to have known you and, however briefly, to have worked with you.

Tee Guidotti


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