Public Health Internships

Internship Approval Process

Important for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021: We have made some changes to requirements for Fall 2020 and Spring 20201 semesters so please review the Announcements page prior to submitting your request.

Please follow these steps for approval and course credit (PH 497,650R,750, 850)
  1. Prior to applying for internship credit, please consult with your faculty advisor to make sure the course fits in with your division Road Map and recommended schedule.

  2. Make sure that your internship meets criteria for credit and you understand the requirements.

  3. Submit the Request for Internship Approval form

    Important: Prior to approval, a Service Learning Agreement (SLA) between the internship site and the School of Public Health must be on file for students who are NOT employees of their site. Check the SDSU Master List to see if your requested site is listed as having an agreement with the School of Public Health. If not listed, contact the Applied Practice Advisor as soon as possible to establish one.

    Depending on whether an SLA is on file or not, the approval process can take anywhere from 7 business days to 30 days so please plan accordingly. Upon approval by your faculty advisor, the Applied Practice Advisor will send you an email with official approval and instructions.

  4. Submit the Request for Schedule Number form

    Important: You will submit this form in the semester you wish to register for credit. You have the option of submitting this in the same semester you get approval OR you can choose to register for the course credit in the semester after you get approval and/or finish the internship.

    Example: Lauren found an internship a month into the Fall 2020 semester. It is too late to get credit in the Fall because the Add/Drop date passed but she can still submit the Request for Internship Approval. If approved, she can start counting the hours for credit. During her Spring 2021 registration period, she may submit the Request for Schedule Number to register for the course in the Spring 2021.

    Note: Even if Lauren had time to register for Fall, she can still choose to hold off on registering for the credit if she would like to have more time to finish the hours.

  5. Course Registration – You should expect to receive your schedule number approximately 7-10 business days after you submit the Request for Schedule Number. You will then use this schedule number to officially register for the course on WebPortal prior to the add/drop date.

    If you do not receive the schedule number by the 10th business day, please email

Questions regarding requirements and process, please contact:

Leticia Cazares, Applied Practice Advisor at
Virtual Office Hours: Mondays 12pm-1pm:
Meeting ID: 943 7015 1923
Passcode: 991362

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