Public Health Internships

Undergraduate Requirements

Important for Summer/Fall 2020: We have made some changes to requirements for Summer/Fall 2020 semesters so please review the Announcements page prior to submitting your request.
  1. PH 497 (3 units) is one of three options to fulfill Area B for graduation. See the Undergraduate Advising/Schedule Planning Sheet for other options.

  2. Pre-requisites to register for PH 497 include: Majors who are in Junior or Senior standing. Registration is available in Fall, Spring or Summer semesters.

  3. Students enrolled in PH 497 are required to complete 144 hours (approximately 9 hours/week if completed in a semester). This is estimated based on the average number of hours spent on any given 3-unit class that takes into account time for class time, studying and assignments.

  4. Criteria for site approval includes:
    • Site or project is public health related.
    • Appropriate sites include, but is not limited to, hospitals, managed care organizations, health care organizations, government agencies, community organizations, research institutions, advocacy and policy programs, and private institutions. Internships with academic research centers may be approved.
    • There is an established Service Learning Agreement (SLA) with the site. A comprehensive list of all SDSU SLA’s can be found here.
      Contact the Applied Practice Advisor to initiate the SLA process if the site is not listed.

    NOTE: Students in paid positions working in a public health or related role may be eligible to receive credit for hours if 1) employment is less than six months or 2) there is agreement with supervisor to work on a public health project with duties different from regular duties. Students can submit the Employer Verification of Internship Requirements to the Applied Practice Advisor at the time of submitting the Request for Applied Practice Approval.

  5. The internship primary duties and responsibilities should be aligned with the SDSU Bachelor of Science in Public Health Program Objectives and Public Health Competencies

    NOTE: While it is expected that most positions will include general office duties, the majority of the time should be spent assisting with designing, implementing or evaluating a public health project or program.

  6. Students will be added to the PH 497 Course on Blackboard at or near the start of the semester. Students are required to submit the following documents and assignments. Actual dates provided at the start of the internship and/or semester once the student is registered:
    • Liability Waiver
    • Internship Agreement – Prior to starting the internship
    • Mid-semester Progress Report & Log of Hours (both student and supervisor must complete)
    • Final Evaluation (same as above)
    • Additional assignments may be required

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